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Hi! My name is Andreas Lorenzen. I am a software engineer from Denmark, and you have arrived at my online resume. This site is all about me in my professional context. You have been warned. ๐Ÿ™‚

TL;DR here is, that I am full stack developer, with a passion for deployment and test automation. I have a broad experience, having touched a lot of technologies and spanned a lot of roles in my career, from developer to IT development manager. I am always working on improving my skills and technology overview, and I consider continuously educating myself essential to my craft.

I am currently employed full time at Netcompany as a Lead Developer. Here I get to dive into a lot of interesting technology, work with some bright minds and I get to have a lot of influence on the solutions that we build. As a Lead Developer, I am positioned between the customer, the development team and the technology stack. From this position I assist my customer with technology choices, solution designs and insight into how new technology can support their business.

I always concern myself with the forward migration path of a solution, technology moves fast and waits for noone. A company that wants to stay relevant, should keep their solutions within range of where the current wave of new technology is breaking. This is also why I believe that for most business applications, maintainability should be a main concern.

Since 2009 I have been in direct daily contact with the business or management group of my employers and customers. This has been a very educational journey for me, professionally and personally. And it has given me a lot of experience in meeting my customer, understanding their domain and working with them to shape and translate their ideas into applications and services that support and advance their business.

My previous employment was with a company in the electronics repair and service industry. Developing internal systems and external integrations. This is where I really started accelerating my skills, and eventually got a good overview of the software development domain. I started as a developer, made senior and eventually became responsible for the internal development department. By this time the company was operating in all of Scandinavia. So I was fortunate, that while my skills would improve, the company would also grow and the challenges would change.

Key Skills

Key Skills

To give you some idea about what I do best, I thought I would supply a list of what I consider my essential skills.

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